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Recent train crashes emphasize importance of proper testing

New testing facility may help Toyota overcome recall woes

Yamaha announces recall of motorcycles and ATVs over potential parts failures

Increased testing capabilities required as NHTSA expands scope of recalls

New brake can protect smaller wind turbines from high winds

To improve turbine design, researchers turn to the sky

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Hyundai recalls 5,200 vehicles because of malfunctioning sensor

New nanotechnology could greatly extend medical implant life cycles

New wind energy testing could have turbines floating on water

Power steering glitch prompts recall of 185,000 Toyotas

Chrysler announces three recalls affecting around 800,000 vehicles in the United States

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Fire hazard in driver's door prompts recall of more than 600,000 Honda vehicles

Volkswagen reports steep drop in warranty costs

New testing procedures further improve wind farm efficiency

Child safety lock flaw forces Ford to recall 13,000 vehicles

Potentially longest-ever wind turbine blades commissioned by United Kingdom

Emphasis on shared responsibility raises warranty claim costs paid by suppliers

Polaris recalls off-road vehicles due to burn hazard

For faster and more efficient tests, Ford puts robots behind the wheel

General Electric plans to open turbine testing facility

Gas tank flaws lead to recall of 1.6 million vehicles by Chrysler

GM recalls vehicles due to circuit board corrosion issue

Sensors and big data help General Electric test and improve their products

Mounting bracket defect concerns cause Tesla recall

Sentient takes product testing science to new level in Buffalo facility

Sentient Science Locates Computational Test Lab and Corporate Headquarters to Historic Butler Mansion in Buffalo, NY

Manufacturers may see recalls as aspect of business, Chrysler decision shows

Wind energy managers deal with broken turbines

Consumer Reports, Harvard debate usefulness of extended warranties

Sentient technology helps predict mechanical failure

Braking equipment failure leads to large Toyota recall

DePuy's metal hip liner no longer being produced

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Experts develop techniques to test lithium ion batteries

Even stainless steel can lead to corrosion problems, experts say

New agreement gives GE rights to perform maintenance on hundreds of US wind turbines

Johnson and Johnson's profits take a hit after hip implant recalls

Buffalo's 'Millionaire Row' gets high-tech new neighbor

Crane engineers seek to lower maintenance costs by monitoring load-pin stress

U.S. legal group urges FDA to keep manufacturers from implementing proposed changes

Experts highlight danger of corrosion in offshore oil rigs

Energy solutions company focuses on turbine testing

Quarter of a million BMWs recalled due to airbag hazard

Recalls send Stryker quarterly profits down by double digits

Improved testing methods crucial for better time-to-market, study shows

Warranty prices declining for auto manufacturers

Defective stability control prompts Honda to recall nearly 50,000 Fit vehicles

Vermont wind turbines shut down for a week after small hiccup

University creates system to test metals in tornado conditions

Consumers Union wants FDA to focus on hip implant testing

Honda announces another recall of several car models

Report shows Xcel generator accident caused by faulty turbine blades

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Vascular Solutions recalls medical devices due to potential defect

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Supersized wind turbines go into testing phase

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Japanese car makers involved in massive airbag recall

Product liability problem hits New Jersey implant manufacturer

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Structural problems lead to costly downtime for Illinois wind turbine

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Johnson & Johnson to pay $8.3 million in defective hip case