Dr. Nathan Bolander to Give his Take on Predictive Futures Panel

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Nathan Bolander, PhD.How can advanced modeling techniques and innovations lower operations and maintenance costs for wind turbine owners, operators and service providers?

A panel of experts will be debating this theory and reviewing best practices and applications during a panel discussion titled, “Predictive Futures,” this week at the AWEA Wind Project O&M Safety Conference in San Diego, CA.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Nathan Bolander, will detail how Sentient Science’s DigitalClone gives three levels of visibility into the future failure rates of a wind turbine’s expected lifespan. DigitalClone uses physics-based modeling to run simulations at our computational testing lab in Buffalo, NY. Thousands of test points are replicated to determine how different applications effect the remaining useful life (RUL) of the wind turbine. The data is computed into prognostics that allow owners and operators to quantify “what-if” scenarios to extend the RUL at a short-term visibility from zero to 12 months, a mid-term forecast 1 to 3 years in the future, and then a long-term range that allows our customers to get a big picture into the lifespan of the asset from 3 to 20+ years.

Also on the panel will be David Petrucci from Genpact, Usman K. Shuja of SparkCognition, Inc., Sameer Kalwani of Element Analytics, and Andy Holt from GE Renewables. It’s sure to be a riveting discussion on how data is changing the way owners, operators and service providers approach their business models.

If you are attending the AWEA O&M show this week, check out the panel discussion at 10:15 a.m. PST Wednesday, Feb. 10. Our team will be in San Diego all week. To schedule a private meeting, contact Natalie Hils at nhils@sentientscience.com.