'How to Make Sense of Your Data' Common Theme at AWEA Windpower '17

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Digitalization. Big data. Data analytics. Efficiency.

These were many of the "buzz" words repeated over and over at AWEA WINDPOWER 2017. Several sessions focused on using operational data emitted from fielded turbines to maximize energy production.

Digitalization is a powerful tool that enables wind technicians and asset managers to leverage the advanced analytics in ways that enhance their operations and maintenance strategies.

Advanced analytics fosters efficiency by facilitating proactive maintenance practices. For instance, a wind technician armed with the right data that provides an understanding of which component is failing, may allow him or her to reduce the time spent uptower from 2 hours to 30 minutes by knowing the right tools needed to troubleshoot a problem, the right gearbox to borescope, the right component to swap out, etc. These incremental savings can have a huge impact on the site's revenue by reducing O&M costs. 

Further that, stronger analysis through digitalization provides insight into the economics of each wind site. How does one wind farm perform against another in the same fleet? Are there areas for improvement? Is life extension achievable?

Partnering with the right software company becomes key to an operator's success. Data, afterall, is power. For more information on how Sentient Science's materials science-based solution has helped wind operators around the globe optimize their maintenance practices, download this webinar