Big Data Alone Won't Provide Big Savings, Materials Science Needed

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Frost & Sullivan recently featured Sentient Science in its Best Practices Report for Wind Prognostics, recognizing our combined materials science and data science technological approach over data science-only solutions.

There's 13% achievable revenue growth with materials science, as opposed to just 2% reductions in costs that come with data science-only solutions.This seems like a big difference, right? That's because it is.

When controlling failure progression through life extension actions, the impact goes beyond just operations & maintenance management. You see, the true savings don't come from fixing what's broken. They come from the medium and long-term predictions, and through understanding the impact of each asset's bill of materialsthen controlling and slowing their failure rates. This can only be done with materials science.

After years of development, Sentient Science refined its approach by combining materials science predictive models with data science's deterministic models to provide users with a watchlist of the short (0-12 mos.), medium (12 mos.- 5 yrs.) and long term (5-30 yrs.) failure rates of each field turbine's major systems and critical components. The platform provides life extension actions that mitigate the progression of failure beyond current capabilities that are being used in the industry today.

Sentient's team of scientists, consisting of 17 Ph.D.-level materials scientists, tribologists, mechanical engineers, data scientists and software engineers, work together to build and combine the materials-based models with the data-based models to computationally test the real impact that the operating and loading conditions have on field assets.

With this detailed-level of data, users can take advantage of advanced planning, forecasting and budgeting for asset actions that avoid future costs. For example, upgrade options for replacements and repairs can be simulated under the operational profiles of the site to ensure "right first time" replacement through Sentient's Buy on Life, not just price and delivery, program.

Sentient works with OEMs and bearing and gear suppliers to computationally test and life product offerings within the DigitalClone® simulator. The offerings are then uploaded to the DigitalClone Live network for integrated supply chain transactions that ensure parts and services are in the appropriate locations when and where they are needed.

The operator wins by reducing downtown and purchasing components and services that provide life extension to their assets. In addition, they are able to reduce their safety stock by knowing replacement schedules months and years in advance of the needs. OEMs and suppliers win by eliminating the procurement process and by engaging in quick transactions within the DigitalClone Platform. As more transactions occur in the platform, economies of scale increases profit margins and reduces lead times, making it a win-win for both sides.

For more information, come see our team at the AWEA Operations and Maintenance Safety Conference in San Diego, CA Feb. 27 & 28. If your not attending the show, but still want information on Sentient Science, request a demo today.

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