Sentient Science to participate in Panel Discussion at WindEurope’s Technology Workshop in Bilboa, Spain

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Adrijan Ribaric, PhD.Today, owners and operators in the wind industry remain competitive through complied data. The data needed to build operations and maintenance budgets and plans. The data to negotiate warranty and insurance rates. The data to boost performance of their turbines and optimize gearbox design.

Compiling data, for many, means investing in big data analytics – past history, pulling data from sensors, SCADA systems, etc. and then analyzing the information to find patterns and correlations to boost performance and optimize O&M strategies.

Sentient Science’s, Dr. Adrijan Ribaric, Vice President of System Technology, was in Bilbao, Spain today at the WindEurope Technology Workshop: Analysis of Operating Wind Farms. The focus of the workshop was all about data. Sentient brought a different voice and approach to conference attendees, because Sentient uses a small data from materials science approach.

Dr. Ribaric hosted a panel discussion on extracting value from operating data. He led the panel discussion because Sentient brings value to operations, because it knows the failure rates from now through the next 30 years. Sentient uses a proprietary materials science-based approach to build physics-based models of complex rotating machines. Then, using high performance computers, Sentient’s DigitalClone software simulates “what if” scenarios under actual operating conditions, and delivers the life extension data to customers on a single dashboard. Sentient takes its findings and offers life extension solutions to achieve optimal asset life and minimize unplanned outages.

Sentient helps operators achieve a lower levelized cost of energy, a significant reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in revenue. One customer saw a 13 percent jump in their revenue last year, because Sentient accurately predicted the failure rates of gearboxes that were not on the operations manager’s watch list.

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