What's the Wind Challenge?

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What is The Wind Challenge?

Data is all around us. It impacts our purchasing decisions, our health, our social life, our driving, eating and exercise habits. It’s everywhere, including the wind industry.

Wind turbines generate a lot of data each day, big and small data sets, plotting data points on wind speeds, wind loads, breaks and restarts, vibration, heat sensors etc. However, questions remain on how to make use of the data to drive down revenue costs and improve the life extension of field turbines.

Sentient Science brings a unique perspective to the world of data analytics by combining materials science, physics and data science to provide short-term, medium and long-term prognostics on the health and future life of major and minor components within the gearbox and main bearings.

On September 10, for the first time, Sentient is powering The Wind Challenge in collaboration with WindEurope, Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys and Recharge News to show the value of digitalization. 

The Wind Challenge, an online game, will take players to a fictitious wind farm in Greenland with a mix of wind turbine types to maintain through life extension actions that mitigate cost and repeat and catastrophic failures.

The Wind Challenge facilitates a global competition in the battle for life extension. Each user will choose the turbine(s) they wish to maintain and compete through life extension actions. Each turbine in the fleet will get a Net Present Repair Cost on each turbine being maintained. The winner(s) will extend life the longest at the lowest NPRC.

The Wind Challenge looks for optimal ROI and life extension for the turbine or site. The ranking of wind experts will be based on simulations that show which actions cause the turbine to last the longest. The results will be displayed on several web platforms, including association websites, publication magazines/websites, and conferences via a game leaderboard.

There will be a total of 5 winners.

  1. The player that achieves the most life extension in months at the cheapest NPRC (Net Present Repair Cost).
  2. Second prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of GE Wind Turbines
  3. Third prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of Vestas Wind Turbines
  4. Fourth Prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbines
  5. And fifth prize goes to the player with the Best life extension actions as judged by a panel of wind experts known as “ambassadors.” 

You got to be in it to win it! Register today.