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Sentient Science sees 107% Growth in Commercial Account Bookings 
Leverages SBIR Awards to Build New Capabilities into DigitalClone Live

Buffalo, NY – December 6, 2016 – Over the last 12 months, Sentient Science has seen a 107% increase in growth in its total number of commercial bookings.

Sentient Science delivers life extension actions for critical components and major systems for wind turbines from its DigitalClone Live Software as a Service. This year, Sentient expanded its wind operator and supplier customer base from North America to Europe and China. In Q3, Sentient Science and ACCIONA Energia signed a contract to achieve “Turbines for Life” by using Sentient’s DigitalClone Live’s “3D prognostics watchlist” and life extension actions that optimize the performance and power generation from each turbine in ACCIONA’s 9.2GW global fleet. In Q4 Sentient signed its first major operator customer in China and introduced its offering to the larger renewables community at the China Wind Power conference.

“It’s been an exciting year for us,” said CEO & President Ward Thomas. “We’ve taken our material science-based SaaS and life extension solution and built it into a digital platform that connects our operators, suppliers and field services network. By having the foresight that comes from digitalization, you’re able to lower your cost of energy by $10/MWh across six areas of the wind business – operations & maintenance, asset management, supply chain, risk management, new business development, and business strategy.”

Sentient Science, which began in 2001 as a research and development firm funded by the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy, has grown from a small group of material scientists to an employee base of 64, ranging from material scientists, tribologists, engineers, data scientists and programmers to sales and marketing professionals.

To date, the company still competes and wins Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants that are used to make new enhanced digital modelling tools that can be commercialized and incorporated into DigitalClone Live.

This year, Sentient won a $1 million Phase II Department of Energy SBIR to develop a metal-based additive manufacturing predictive modeling tool that will allow users to build digital models and simulate material science-based tradeoff and sensitivity studies of their offerings. The Office of Naval Research also selected Sentient Science for a $2 million Phase II Additive Manufacturing SBIR, and the computational materials science team delivered their final results for an extended Phase II with the Army Aviation Technology Director at ADTD.

Another major domestic rotorcraft Original Equipment Manufacturer also selected Sentient to complete a thermal modeling program for an advanced transmission design.

“Our R&D initiatives are a fundamental core to our business development, and we’ll continue to leverage these grants and partnerships as we scale our company and look to test our platform in new markets. In 2017, we’re projected to start commercial Phase I pilots in rail and aerospace,” said Thomas.

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About Sentient Science:

Sentient Science is a trusted third party to operators in the wind, aerospace and rail industries. Sentient Science works with operators and suppliers to digitalize their rotating equipment assets and offerings and provide life extension solutions that reduce their cost to do business. Sentient Science uses a material science-based approach to predict the life of critical components and major systems and provide life extension actions that reduce O&M, supply chain, new business development and strategy, and risk management costs. Moving to digitalization as a business model enables a 13% productivity advantage. In wind, specifically, it can result in savings of up to $10/MWh on asset and operations management, supply chain management, new business strategies, new development and risk management.


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