Sentient Science Adds Materials Science to Digitalization DigitalClone Live Simulates Real World to Create Next Level System Engineering Models

Beijing, China – September 17, 2017 – Sentient Science, located in New York, developed a cloud-based software that digitalizes new and operational wind turbines using materials science to predict material degradation over the life of the machine.

Sentient Science’s Chief Digital Officer Ed Wagner and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Nathan Bolander will be at China Windpower to present on the Digitalization panel Wednesday, Oct. 18 from 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. They will discuss out Sentient Science’s DigitalClone Live platform creates an ecosystem of operators and suppliers. Operators use the software to understand the current and future health of serialized wind turbines, which creates maintenance service actions that prevent the progression of damage and early component replacements. The operator can purchase replacement parts and services through the DigitalClone marketplace.

“Our prognostic watchlists deliver the as is, to be and future states of each individual wind turbine in the wind fleet. We predict the life of the main bearings, gearbox and critical components using materials-based analysis of how unique loading conditions accelerate failures seen in the field,” said Ed Wagner, Chief Digital Officer at Sentient Science. “Big data alone doesn’t achieve the level of prognostics we provide at 3 to 30 years in the future. The level of granularity we provide on where and when failures will occur provide actions that result in significant reductions in the cost of energy across multiple layers of the organization.”

Sentient works with wind operators to digitally model fielded wind turbines, simulating the critical components and major systems under the site’s operational loading conditions. The software predicts when wear and rolling contact fatigue will occur in the field and optimizes the supply chain, by providing the life data and return on investment of life extension actions provided by the supplier network.

“We enrich the digital model by mimicking how equipment manufacturer’s product offerings actually perform in the real world. The results from the digital model enables next level system engineering models, because the designer is able to simulate how using different materials impacts the life of the machines,” Wagner said. “We’ve expanded our software capabilities to allow our supplier network to simulate their own materials-based models within DigitalClone. Products ready for sale on the market are integrated with our live software and made available to the operator network to purchase aftermarket parts based on life.”

Sentient Science can provide success stories from operators and suppliers upon request.

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About Sentient Science:

Sentient Science Corporation is a leader in predicting the durability and reliability of complex rotating equipment. Sentient Science’s cloud-based software, DigitalClone Live, manages the health and life extension of rotating mechanical equipment using a materials science-based approach. The technology models and simulates components and full systems within the aerospace, rail and wind energy industries. DigitalClone applies materials science and physics-based modeling techniques to simulate rotating equipment under representative operational loads and conditions. Operators optimize their maintenance cycles and lower the pre-and post-installation costs of “rotating” systems through life extension actions. Equipment manufacturers use the software for design tradeoff and sensitivity analysis and to prove their life claims to the market. Sentient Science was recognized by the White House in 2014 with the Tibbetts Award and Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award in 2016.