Sentient Science CEO Ward Thomas Named to Top 100 Power People List in Wind Energy

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Sentient Science Chief Executive Officer, Ward Thomas, has been named to the Top 100 Power People in Wind Energy for the second consecutive year by A Word About Wind.

Mr. Thomas, the only software executive to make the 2017 list, was also included in the “A Ward-Thomas.jpgWord About Wind” annual report, discussing how digitalization of physical assets, when rooted in materials science and data science, gives wind turbine developers and operators insight into the short, medium and long term life predictions of their field assets. Sentient Science uncovered a 68% difference in the physical test results during validation certification testing and the actual life of the field turbines in the fleet. DigitalClone® software computationally tests how the drivetrain components behave under their real operating conditions, from those results,  DigitalClone helps the operator make informed decisions on the best actions to take for life extension based on return on investment and the sustainability of the asset.

"It is a great honor to be recognized by A Word About Wind and by our customers for our accomplishments in reducing the cost of energy by 13% of revenues,” Thomas said. “We have a proven track record with our wind customers for our life predictions and their ability to make informed business decisions based on the science behind why, how and when failures occur in the field.

Sentient Science helps reduce the cost of wind energy by enabling cost reductions across six key business areas - operations & maintenance, asset management, supply chain, risk management, new business development and overall governance through digitalization. 

The Top 100 Power People is an annual initiative published by A Word About Wind, a rapidly expanding international membership network for renewable energy financiers and investors.

The unique and independent report measures the individual influence of key players in the wind energy sector, charting their impact on the industry over the past year. Each candidate was assessed, rated and ranked by an impartial senior advisory board.

Mr. Thomas moved up 34 spots over last year's report, and has been recognized for Sentient Science's ability to disrupt the traditional relationship between operators and their suppliers. Sentient is a trusted third party to the wind operator, providing the true life predictions and failure rates of the various types of turbines within their individual fleets. 

"We're able to help our customers achieve these reductions in cost because we're looking at the materials science behind what causes early failures. When an operator understands the long-term financial impact of the bill of materials within their machines, the balance of power shifts from OEM back to the operator," Thomas said, noting that there are benefits to both the operator and supplier communities using DigitalClone today by unlocking new sources of revenue through network effects from both sides. 

‘The data in this report shows a number of encouraging trends,’ said Adam Barber, Managing Director, The Tamarindo Group. ‘First, the continued growth of the North American market is proof positive that the Trump administration is failing to dampen enthusiasm for renewable energies in the US. Additionally, the increasing prevalence of offshore wind and experimental technologies, along with the significant contracts won at auctions throughout the last year, are proof of the global wind sector’s healthy growth."

You can read the report here.