Extend Remaining Useful Life with Remanufacturing

Wind turbines have not achieved their expected 20 year lifetime due to gearbox and bearing failure. However, if the components in these machines are harvested at the correct time, they can be remanufactured to ‘better-than-new’ quality with extended life and performance. Our Lead DigitalClone Material Scientist, Dr. Raja Pulikollu, will present how prognostic tools can predict the optimal time and methods to remanufacture wind turbine gearboxes to promote overall ROI of a wind farm. The discussion will be valuable for your design and testing engineers to learn how to extend the RUL of wind turbines.


Presenter Raja Pulikollu
Vice President, Rail

Dr. Pulikollu is responsible for the commercial implementation of DigitalClone solutions and for the research and development of DigitalClone Material. His expertise includes material science, mechanical metallurgy, prognostics and health management, fatigue and fracture mechanics, probabilistic life prediction methods, and micro-structural analysis. He holds a Ph.D. in Material Science from Wright State University.