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The Economics of Using Digitalization to Reduce the Cost of Energy by 13% of...

At what “speed” is your digitalization effort? There is no dispute, digitalization will play a key role in improving the sustainability of...

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Investigating Microstructural Alterations Leading to White Etch Cracks (WEC's)...

This webinar outlines Sentient's development on their White Etching Crack capabilities to current materials-based prognostics life prediction...

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Moventas GE 1.5 Extra Life Gearbox Achieves 4x Life

The webinar outlines the upgrades Moventas made on the GE 1.5 Extra Life gearboxes.

Sentient Science validated the technology advances and life...

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Wind Load Analysis for Drivetrain Reliability

Dr. Adrijan Ribaric presents on wind loads analysis and the impact they have on drivetrain life.

The webinar introduces Sentient’s wind load...

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Understanding Main Bearing Failures - Mitigating a $150K - $300K O&M Cost

Dr. Arnab Ghosh demonstrates Sentient’s New Main Bearing Wear Model.

The presentation features:

    1. New capabilities in the DigitalClone Live...
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Take Control of Repowering – Be the One to Choose What’s Inside of Your Machine

If you are considering repowering your wind turbines to take advantage of the PTC extension, we can tell you the projected life of your new...

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Assessing the Impact of Surface Treatment Solutions to Extend Asset Life

An industry case study that details Sentient’s DigitalClone® Lifing evaluation on the impact of REWITEC®’s additive DuraGear® W100 application.

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DigitalClone® Wind Turbine Validations

This is a unique webinar designed specifically for our customers that want to know more about the validation of our model. We put together this...

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How Material Science Helps Operators with End of Warranty Inspections


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Increasing Uptime and Lowering LCOE Through Strategic Planning

The relationship between the OEM, supplier and operator has never been transparent in the wind industry. Operators have historically used...

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